Located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, Oak Ridge Whitetails in Johnstown, NY is a family owned operation that gives hunters of all abilities and ages the opportunity to take the whitetail trophy of their dreams.


Our goal is to produce the highest quality, typical whitetail bucks. Three things go into creating these magnificent trophies. Genetics, nutrition, and age.


Our whitetails are a cross of the south Texas wide and big frame genetics and the heavy mass and larger body size found here, in the northeast. This produces the perfect mix of mass and frame creating some truly jaw dropping trophies. 


With several crop fields and various food plots scattered throughout the property, there is no shortage of excellent protein available during the antler growing months.  We also provide various protein pellet stations to provide easy access to nutrition year round. 


One of the biggest factors to producing large bucks is age. At Oak Ridge Whitetails, we selectively harvest the older, more mature animals allowing the younger buck population time to mature and grow into their full potential. By passing up a lot of younger bucks, it allows them to grow into trophies further down the road.


Our hunting grounds span approximately 600 acres of diverse landscapes, ranging from woodlands to swamps, and crop fields to wetlands, making it an optimal habitat for whitetails. The farm includes well-maintained trails that provide easy access to multiple enclosed elevated hunting stands, ground blinds, and tree stands. We can even offer handicap accessible blinds and side-by-side vehicle transportation to and from your watch.


Scheduling for fall, 2023.

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