Do I need a New York state hunting license? 

No you don’t! We are a privately owned hunting preserve.

What time of year can I schedule a hunt? 

Hunts are scheduled from October to the beginning of January. We have heated blinds so when the weather turns cold, you are still sitting comfortable on watch!

Are there age restrictions? 

There are no age restrictions! We welcome hunters of all ages, and have a special appreciation for both young and senior hunters who join us to enjoy the property

Is the hunt guided? 

Yes! Our guides will put you in the best spot for current activity and offer experienced guidance on trophy selection.  

Can I bring a non-hunting guest?

Yes! Most of our blinds are spacious enough to bring along one guest to enjoy the hunt with.

Do I need to bring my own rifle? 

We understand that traveling with a firearm can be an inconvenience and a rifle can be provided to you.

What will the hunting conditions be like? 

We have several enclosed elevated hunting stands, ground blinds, and tree stands. We have accommodations for handicap accessible ground blinds and side by side vehicles to transport you to and from your hunting locations.

Are accommodations available? 

Lodging accommodations are available upon request. Please contact us to learn more about staying at the farm during your trip.

How is taxidermy handled?

We can recommend local taxidermists! We have multiple local individuals who can make your trophy buck a lasting memory. Caping service and transportation to taxidermist is available. 

How can I process the meat?

Although we don’t do meat processing, we will cape out your trophy upon request and provide a tag to transport the meat to the butcher. If you cannot transport the meat home, donations to the local veterans venison dinner foundation are encouraged.

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